Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chastity Update - 2013

Well, I did not make it a full year.  April 9th, I was allowed an orgasm by my cuckoldress.  No pussy or anything just a lot of teasing and then an orgasm.

Part of me is disappointed that I did not go a whole year but the other part of me is so relieved to orgasm. In the beginning of all this, I really was topping from the bottom, suggesting how long I should go without, how I should cum when I do, etc....  This orgasm was all from my cuckoldress.  She determined that I should cum and how I cum.  I feel like she is taking more control over this.  Of course it is a distant second to her sex life with her BF which seems to be going 100% all the time still. 

So right now we sit at kind of a weird ground because I want to see if she brings up chastity again and starts to take control more or if I will have to continue topping from the bottom.

Still happy as a clam just sensing a shift and want to see where it goes.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Live-in BF

While some couples prefer to only have random hookups with men or semi-regular men, most don't take the steps we have and invite him to move in.  However, we are unique and our situation allows for this type of setup for a few reasons.

1.) My wife did not want random men, she preferred having just 1
2.) We have no kids nor do we want any with BF or me her husband.
3.) We moved to Houston a few years ago and while we have a few friends via our jobs, we have zero close friends has we moved from a small town over 10 hours drive away.
4.) We have no family that will show up unannounced as they would take a days drive or a flight to get to us.
5.) While her BF is Dom in the bedroom, he is very laid back and quiet outside of it.  I am still Dom of the house to a degree (holding the TV remote, etc...). 

So basically, we have become a polyandry (1 wife, 2 Husbands) type home.  Since her BF was never into me being around, I am not allowed to watch or be a part of their sex lives at all.  I will get some pics and a rare video but that is it.  He also prefers that my wife cut me off completely.  My wife and I still play the sissy chaste cuckold games.  Teasing and denial is pretty much our sex life now.

The issue for me is that my wife now has a BF that she loves, cares for and is deeply emotionally attached to.  I struggle with this almost daily.  When we discussed making my request for being a cuckold, this was what she wanted.  So this was the compromise and I am ok with it but sometimes it is hard.

For example, date night.  They go out for dinner and a movie or something without me.  Now cuckold angst deals with the agony of your wife sleeping with another man, imagine the agony of know they are not fucking but cuddling and being lovey.  It is the lowest of the lows for my cuckold life.  As they say, sometimes it rains on the beach.  While it is great 95% of the time, this aspect is very rough for me.

Any one else have these issues in a poly style house?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 - Chastity - Last BJ

While the original plan was that after my birthday sex in Aug, I was to be in chastity for a full year.  We were not including ruined orgasms as orgasms.  So, a few ruined orgasms and finally a real orgasm in mid December (no sex her hand only) and then a big one.  She gave me my last BJ ever.  We had talked about this and she had already told me her ass was for him only (anal was his from the start as a show of commitment to him as he really liked it which was big at the time because I used to getting anal too).  This was the logical next step.  She proceeded to take her time teasing and OMG I was dying.  She even threw in a little tittie fucking trying to let me calm down, but that only caused me to get closer and closer until finally she allowed me a ruined orgasm.  Now she loves to give BJs.  My wife has never once said no to sucking me before I asked her to cuckold me and I know she loves sucking her BF even more because she says she loves his cock.  So while I probably will not get her pussy except on very special occasions and even then with condom(s) to help me last longer (she says she doesn't want to official close that door yet) it appears I am cut off to a degree.  So after this development, we talked and decided that 2013 should be an orgasm free year.  Yes that includes ruined ones as well.  We might get into milking depending on what happens but right now, that is the plan.  I of course will continue to lick her any chance there is. 

I believe it is easy for her to deny me sex when she gets it so often from her BF.  They have sex almost daily and she says he is so good that she normally squirts on him.  She very rarely squirted with me and that was only when I was licking her. I used feel like I could call this off and while the BF would not go away, she would start having sex with me again, but lately, I think she really is serious about all of this and while she would never want me to be un-happy, I don't think she would particularly enjoy sex with me that much now.  Still processing these thoughts and feelings related to this because I am not sure of where she is in her mind so all I can do is guess.

So Happy New Year everyone as I know mine will be one of happy frustrations

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Xmas Present for a sissy cuckold

Today, I got my Xmas present from my wife.  She told me before Xmas that we would go shopping together for me a new purse and wallet (female of course).  Well, we also planned on a pedicure but being New Year's Day, most were closed.  We started with a light lunch then off to the Outlet Mall.  We went to a Wilson's Leather store and found a great little black purse and the wallet within minutes.  After that, we went to Kohl's, after finding another little blue purse, I got a little surprise.  Due to the great sales on the purses, my wife said she had some money left for maybe a pair of women's jeans for me.  I really got excited but scared to death about trying them on.  Yes, its Kohl's and it just looks like a guy trying on jeans but still. I found a pair that fit pretty good but expensive. We put them back so next weekend, we can go to a speciality store for bigger women and find me some jeans.  I am scared to death about going to a female clothing store to try on jeans.  Not like Kohl's where you don't look out of place.  It will be obvious that I am buying women's clothes for myself.  I am a very lucky sissy cuckold that my wife would do this for my Xmas present.

Here is a picture of the purses and the wallet I got today!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Holiday Examination

Some things happened in our life around the holidays where it was noticed that my legs were shaven.  Combine that with your typical family holidays, I.E. fighting, and left me questioning my whole choice of the sissy lifestyle.  Cuckolding is something for us, as a couple, is easy to hide to a certain degree from family but how do you hide shaven legs, the occasional panty showing or laundry seen from visiting relatives?  This made me really ponder this choice and how it affects my wife and her life.  While she is not Dom in my dressing, she is happy and long as I am happy, yet how long will that feeling last if she has to deal with the consequences of my actions?  I have recently taken to hiding into this part of my life as my escape from real life.  Some people turn to alcohol, drugs, etc.. but I have turned to sissy.  While I have never really given 2 shits about what others think, I care what my wife thinks and what my actions mean to her. 

This is not a typical sissy/crossdresser purge/mind change, I have read about but a true introspective look at how my actions effect others and how much pain and humiliation might go to my wife and not me.  For example, I would like to start carrying a purse regularly (what screams femininity like a purse right?) so I expect to draw some attention which fine if you laugh at me, but if someone was to laugh or tease my wife, I would want to rip there head off.  Cuckolding is here to stay as my wife has fallen in love (another post another time) with her BF and she really enjoys not only the sex with him but our day to day lifestyle.  There is always something weird happening but overall, I think we are happy with the cuckolding/chastity lifestyle we have.  So the question is really, what does adding sissification to this really mean?  I don't want to be in a maid dress or anything like that but I do have a desire for all things feminine. These are just some small steps to enhance the humiliation of chastity/cuckolding.  So here I am trying to sort all these thoughts out in a non-horny environment to figure what is best.  Any real life experience people might have would be appreciated.

About Us

This is a blog about my cuckold life.  We are a real couple with no kids and live over 10 hours drive away from any family.  We have recently moved to Houston in the past couple of years so we don't have a lot of close friends and with all these factors it has allowed us to try this lifestyle.  I started this blog because I can't always post what I want on Twitter because I am too long winded.  Tumblr is just mostly pictures I like so I post and reposting of pictures that I like, so I am wanted something that was just my words and diary of sorts.

In Fall of 2010, I told my wife that I wanted to wear panties and I was sub. A month after that I ask her to cuckold me. We went through a tough year where she did met a guy for a 1 weekend stand and made up her mind that if we were going to do this lifestyle, she wanted a full time BF not just random hookups.  She already had a friend in mind that she wanted to give it a run with and in Aug of 2011 she officially began dating her BF long distance.

After a couple of visits by her alone and 1 visit to his location with me included we had a temp run of him living with us, he moved in with us in Spring of 2012. My wife and I are both 34 and he is 21. He is very Dom to her in the bedroom but low key and not Dom at all anywhere else. For example, I pick what we watch on TV most times. I don't get to watch them but he is getting more and more used to the idea and I hope to watch soon.

We have made a few changes to our lives and while these are not 100% set in stone as we might change our mind about things, we are currently moving towards the following things in our lifestyle.

1.) She is very sub to her BF and she wishes to be even more so.
2.) I am very sub to her.
3.) I have a big silk/satin fetish
4.) I should be chaste and slowly lose all access to her making her for him only.
5.) I am sissy and that I should start acting and being one.

Here are my Twitter and Tumblr links.  NewbieCuckold really is not a valid description but it is what I started with lol

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